January 19, 2014


Banksy is a anonymous United Kingdom-based graffiti artist and political activist.

His satirical street art combine dark humor with graffiti executed  with stencils.

 Such artistic works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.

He is probably the most famous graffiti artist in the world.

Banksy's works have dealt with an array of political and social themes, including anti-War, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, anti-imperialism, anti-authoritarianism, anarchism, nihilism, and existentialism. 

Additionally, the components of the human condition that his works commonly critique are greed, poverty, hypocrisy, boredom,despair, absurdity, and alienation.

"NAPALM", one of the most controversial work of Banksy

One of my favorite :


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  1. Je connaissais l'artiste assez médiatisé mais j'aime les œuvres que tu as choisi : j'aime ta sensibilité mister Clouds!